Galician market cuisine

Santiago de Compostela

Michelin Bib Gourmand

MENU - March 2024


Shellfish on daily basiss/m

(A: Molluscs)

Cured Atlantic tuna, ajo-blanco and cherry-ponzu11

(A: Fish, milk, nuts, sulphites)

Grilled baby scallops, agua chile and pickled red onion18

(A: Shellfish)

Stew of white beans and cod "al pil pil"12

(A: Fish, sulphites)

King prawns, its own jus and lime emulsion16

(A: Crustaceans, sulphites, gluten)

Torto with scrambled eggs, blue cheese, caramelised onion and turnip greens 12

(A: Egg, milk, gluten)

Galician octopus, paprika emulsion and crunchy parsley (Pesca de Rías)18

(A: Sulphites)

Persimmon salad, arugula, canons and nut with honey and mustard vinaigrette9

(A: Mustard and nuts)

Galician assorted cheeses 16

(A: Milk, nuts)

Sourdough bread and AOVE service1,50/pax.

(A: Gluten)


Supreme of hake slowly cooked (Pesca de Rías)18

(A: Fish, sulphites)

Black fideuá with baby squid (min. 2 pax)16/pax.

(A: Sulphites, egg, fish, gluten)

Supreme of beef sirloin steak, meat jus and mash potatoes26

(A: Sulphites)

Ox-tail raviolis, meat juices and wild seasonal mushrooms bechamel18

(A: Glute, milk, egg, sulphites)

Galician beef meatballs, foie and mole14

(A: Gluten, egg, sulphites, milk)


Galician assorted cheeses16

(A: Milk, nuts)

French toast infused in citrics and lemon ice cream6,5

(A: Gluten, milk, eggs, sulphites, lupin, soya, sesame, nuts)

Crème brûlée and wild berries ice cream5,5

(A: Milk, eggs)

Wild berries and red fruits infusion, with cardamom ice cream5,5

(A: Gluten, milk, nuts)

*VAT included

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